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<aside> ✉️ Message April 10, 2022

Three month ☑️ I hope you enjoy the challenge ! You can all do it, even if you are a bit late.

Have a nice day !


<aside> ⚠️ Quick remember February 7, 2022.

Hey, make sure to check the Clean up your Entries page to make sure your entries are clean at any time.


What is this challenge ?

The rules are simple: play one new game you never played before every week, a whole year.

Obviously, you are not supposed to finish these games or to play them for hundreds of hours, 1h can be enough sometimes. The point is to grow your videogame culture and maybe discover some games you wanted to play for a long time.

We will just ask you to fill your personal list of games, to fill a list of your entries, give them a grade, a quick review and take a screenshot. Simple.

Honestly, this is not that difficult !

Games are expensive...

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